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Paldor Peak Climbing (5896m/19,343ft)

  • 6000m Peak Climbing , Nepal
  • Peak Climbing

Overview And Highlights

Paldor Peak Climbing - Trip Highlights

  • Less than two weeks of high-altitude trekking and climbing Paldor Peak at 5,896 metres. 
  • The ideal peak for intermediate climbers to sharpen their climbing skills. 
  • Novice trekkers can summit Paldor Peak with adequate climbing training. 
  • Striking view of Ganesh Himal, Langtang Lirung, Shishapangma, Manaslu etc.
  • Swirling waterfalls, Langtang stream, Mailung Khola, vivid landscape with lush vegetation.
  • Witnessing and acknowledging the lifestyle of ethnic Tamang people of the Langtang region. 
  • Experienced climbing guides and well-designed Paldor Peak climbing expedition. 

Paldor Peak Climbing - Trip Overview

Southeast of Ganesh Himal, at a juncture of two ridges, Karpu and Tiru, Paldor Peak rises to 5,903 metres tall. Classified by Nepal Mountaineering Association as a B Grade climbing peak, climbing Paldor Peak is best for intermediate climbers. Ruby Valley and Ganesh Himal region in upper Dhading and Rasuwa is home to this peak. 

Paldor Peak was first attempted in 1974 by Ian Howell and John Cleare. Since this peak is an associated member of Pabil and Ganesh Himal, there are many routes you can take to reach the summit. However, the standard route climbers have been following is the West Ridge. Ganesh Himal trekking is adventurous for trekkers when they opt to climb Paldor Peak. This peak climbing in the Langtang region is popular among intermediate and rookie climbers. The semi-technical climbing demand of this peak is the best place for aspiring mountaineers to excel in their climbing knowledge.

The 5,896-metre tall Paldor Peak summit offers the best visuals of the Ganesh Himal range. Other prominent peaks include Manaslu at 8,156 metres, Langtang range, and Sishapangma at 8,013 metres. Annapurna range, Ganjala, and countless mountains and glaciers decorate the Langtang region. 

Other than the mountains, the astonishing landscapes of Rubi Valley, the diversity of flora and fauna of Ganesh Himal region, and hikes on Borang village, Tipling, Somdang, and Syabrubesi are popular places en route to this expedition. As Paldor Peak sits at the origin of Mailung Khola, the stream flowing down to Trishuli makes the landscape serene. 

Paldor Peak Climbing - Route to Summit

Paldor Peak is not a high technical mountain, but it demands physical strength. We have to cross some crevasses to navigate to the summit. After reaching Col, we have two route options for climbing. Either we use a fixed-line for the straightforward climb. Another route has some crevasses but is not as steep as the fixed rope climb. The 45-degree steep of crossing crevasses is easier for climbers than following a straightforward summit route. 

The Southeast ridge to the summit is arduous and steeper than the Northeast ridge route. The Southeast vertical ridge is icy and covered with snow. Also, this ridge is prone to avalanches streaming down from the west glacier of Paldor Peak. 

The Northeast ridge ascends through the moraine. En route, we'll encounter a lake named Fang. There are many route options you can follow to the summit. We'll climb the summit route to the east. Our experienced guides will navigate you through the safest climbing to the peak. 

Paldor Peak Climbing - Itinerary Overview

Our adventurous expedition to the unbeaten trail of Paldor peak begins with a drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. Situated to the northeast of Kathmandu, we continue our hike to Langtang valley. We'll cross two major streams of Langtang, Langtang and Bhote Koshi river. 

From Syabrubesi, we'll hike to Gatlang village, Somdang, and Lari. Before making our way to Paldor Peak base camp, we'll acclimatise at Lari. At Paldor peak base camp, you'll have a climb briefing by our guides. You'll also get some techniques on using crampons, ice axes, and walking on a fixed-line. 

We'll hike to Paldor Peak high camp at 5,200 metres and stay overnight in tented camps. We'll begin our climb to Paldor Peak summit from West Ridge early in the morning. Summit push and base camp descent will be 8 hours long. Our Sherpa climbing guides will help you navigate and climb each step and crevasses up to the summit. We'll descend back to base camp the same day, safely. 

We'll have a buffer day for rest/ possible bad weather. If we fail to make the summit, we'll try climbing it on reserve day. 

The mesmerising views of Langtang, Sishapangma, Manaslu, and some regions of Tibet make the summit climb worthy. 

Paldor Peak Climbing - Difficulty

Even though Paldor Peak is less than 6,000 metres, it is more cumbersome to climb than it seems to be. Mental strength, physical endurance, and previous 6000 metres of climbing experience are a must for this expedition. Beginner climbers often find it difficult to reach the summit, while intermediate climbers have an advantage on the climb. 

The longer hours of trekking each day are tiring. Thus, this expedition demands physical endurance at its best. The uneven rough trail to Paldor Base Camp develops fatigue. So, fatigue might become an issue if you don't prepare for this trip for a month.

Altitude Sickness in Paldor Peak Climbing 

Altitude sickness may appear on trekkers on the Paldor Peak expedition. Even experienced climbers and Sherpa guides sometimes develop symptoms like headaches, vomiting, etc. 

Our expedition guides and Sherpa have first aid knowledge. Thus, they will take care of you during such situations. Also, there are acclimatisation days at Paldor Peak base camp and Lari at 4,868 metres. You’ll be 100% safe until completion and back to Kathmandu. 

If things become complicated, you'll get a helicopter evacuation. 

Accommodation in Paldor Peak Climbing 

Paldor Peak climbing expedition to Ganesh Himal region is tea house based. The locals from this region operate these tea houses all year round except for some freezing winter days. 

You'll get decent accommodation at these tea houses. At Paldor Peak base camp, we'll stay in tented style overnight. The meals on this expedition keep up the nutritious level. Also, you can request us to include the dietary requirements if you have some.

Why World Expedition Nepal for Paldor Peak Climbing?

World Expedition Nepal focuses on and promotes peak climbing and expeditions in Nepal. We have been providing tour services since 2017 by registered and licensed under Nepal Government. In the Langtang region expeditions, we'll make sure that you'll have complete joy alongside the adventure of high-altitude climbing. 

Our professional and experienced guides will ensure your utmost comfort and safety on Paldor Peak climbing. We'll make this tour an unforgettable experience for you. Also, the health and safety of our clients is our primary motto. Our guides for these expeditions have mountain skills certification. They come with expertise in mountain medicine, first aid, and rescue operations.

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