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7000m Peak Climbing

7000m Peak Climbing

7,000 metres Peak Expedition with World Expedition Nepal


Mountains are for those who dare to come out from their comfort zone and suffer the hardship in the Himalayas. Only those who reach the summit can see the world below them. The misty clouds blanketing the terrain, and the sun shining over the mountains is heavenly. It is the beauty of climbing a 7,000 metres peak in Nepal.

Everest North Col, Gurja Himal, and Tukuche Peak expedition are the best 7,000 metres climbing peaks. Other 7,000 metres peaks include Pumori, GangChuren Himal, Tilicho Peak,apurna, and Baruntse Peak. Most of these mountains are PD-graded climbs making this doable for those who have successful 6,000 metres expedition experience. These peaks are for those who see Everest and other 8,000 metres peaks as their next mountaineering destination. 

For the pride of the country, for the personal thrill, for excelling in the skills of climbing, 7,000 metres peaks are ideal. On top, an expert-designed expedition itinerary, IFMGA certified guides, and excellent logistics determine your successful climb. World Expedition Nepal is one such expedition company that manages every expedition with proper plans and execution. 

We are taking reservations for 7,000 metres peak expedition for the Autumn 2022 and Spring 2023 climbing seasons. Learn more about our different 7,000 metres peak expeditions and book your seat. 

Be ready to rise taller than 7,000 metres peak with World Expedition Nepal!