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Yala Peak Climbing (5732m/18,790ft)

  • 6000m Peak Climbing
  • Peak Climbing

Overview And Highlights

Trip Highlights- Yala Peak Climbing

  • The least technical mountain that best fits the amateur mountaineering aspirants.
  • Yala Peak is below 6,000 metres, best for easy peak climbing in the Langtang region.
  • Majestic view of Langtang range, Lirung, and Sishapangama on the Tibetan border.
  • Trekking to beautiful Langtang valley before heading to Yala Peak base Camp.
  • Sightseeing to spiritual Kyanjin Gompa.
  • Proper guidance and climbing training with our well-experienced Sherpa climbing guides. 
  • Short, easy, and affordable peak climbing and trekking package in Nepal.

Yala Peak Climbing - Trip Overview

Langtang valley is a less trekked destination in Nepal. Unlike Everest and Annapurna Base Camp trekking, Langtang valley receives a few visitors each year. The peaceful and elegant Langtang valley calls every genuine high-altitude traveller to explore this landscape. As a traveller and aspiring climber, the peaceful Langtang Valley and Yala Peak climbing would be an ideal tour in the Himalayas for you. 

Situated north of Kathmandu valley, Langtang valley is home to wonders of nature. The towering peaks on the Tibetan border and Tibetan influenced lifestyle of people here is a joy to witness. Short trekking duration of Langtang valley is best for travellers with time-bound. Yala Peak climbing adds the thrill of the Himalayas to those trekkers who want to push adventure further. Thus, you can complete Yala Peak climbing and Langtang Valley trekking in only two weeks. 

One such peak with the less technical demands is Yala Peak. Just at 5,550 metres in height, this elegant peak is best for novice climbers who want to pursue their mountaineering careers. The overall grade of Yaka Peak climb is moderate grade. But the climbing gets difficult only at the ridge to the summit, where you have to use climbing techniques. At Yala Peak base camp, we'll have one day of acclimatisation and climbing skills training sessions. You'll climb the ridge comfortably with a day of training by our climbing guides. The climbing skills involve tips of using an ice axe, walking with crampons, and walking along a fixed rope. 

From the summit of Yala Peak, the perfect view of every mountain in Langtang valley stands spectacular. Sishapangama at 8,027 metres, Dorje Lakpa at 6,998 metres, Langtang Lirung at 7,246 metres, and Lenpo Gang at 7,083 metres appear gigantic. Also, other peaks like Naya Kanga, Ganesh Himal range, Jugal Himal, and Ganchempo stand tall. Other countless small peaks, glaciers, and glacial lakes are throughout the valley. It is a reward for the hard work of reaching the summit. 

Yala Peak Climbing - Preparations 

Often the best introductory peak for beginners, the climbing of Yala Peak is straightforward. While climbing, you'll be well aware of climbing skills. This peak is at 5,550 metres. Thus, even without a technical idea of climbing, you must have the best physical fitness for the summit push. Keeping yourself hydrated with electrolytes drinks and walking at a slow pace is a must.

During the Climbing skills training session at Yala Peak base camp, we'll make sure that you'll learn ways to walk on man rope. You'll also learn to walk along the line rope using a harness. Similarly, walking with crampons and using ice axe training will be there for you. We ensure that everyone becomes adjustable with their climbing skills. You'll have one buffer day at Yala Peak base camp. We plan this day for potential bad weather, rest day, or extra acclimatisation day. 

We'll set tents at Yala Peak base camp, where our kitchen staff will prepare meals. Here, we'll live camping style. We'll try every possible way that you get warm, hydrated, and have proper rest during acclimatisation. 

Yala Peak Climbing - Itinerary Overview 

We'll drive to Syabrubesi to begin our two-week-long Langtang Valley trek and adventurous Yala Peak expedition. Syabrubesi is a beautiful hill town situated at 1,505 metres altitude. From here, we'll start our hike. 

The lush subtropical vegetation of the trail makes the day hike calm. We'll have our first overnight stay at Lama Hotel at 2,470 metres. We'll hike past two prominent rivers of Langtang valley, Langtang River and Bhotekoshi River. Also, the terraced rice fields are joyous to witness. Bamboo and birch forests soothe our sweat perfectly. 

The less explored trekking trail to Langtang gives a rustic touch to the landscape. The trails somewhere are uneven, rocky, and often slippery. 

We'll acclimatise at Kyanjin Gompa at 3,800 metres before ascending to Yala Peak Base Camp. For acclimatisation, we'll hike to the Kyanjin-Ri viewpoint. It gives the spectacular vista of Langtang Valley, beautifully resurrected after the devastating earthquake in 2015 AD. 

We'll hike to Yala Peak base camp and rest overnight. The next day, we'll climb the summit at 5,550 metres and make our return to Kyanjin Gompa.Well-marked paths at the summit make navigation easier on the peak. The proper skills of using fixed rope walk, crampons, and ice axes make the climb comfortable. Summit day will be a long tiring day, with almost 9 hours of slow-paced hike. 

We'll descend to Lama Hotel the next day for 5 hours. From there, we'll reach Syabrubesi and Kathmandu the following day. It marks the end of the successful Yala Peak climbing and expedition.

Yala Peak Climbing - Accommodations 

Besides the camping at Yala Peak base camp, you'll get tea house-based accommodation. These tea houses are comfortable for overnight sleep. Also, they offer Authentic Nepali meals, Tibetan-style foods, and Western dishes. Momo, China, Thukpa, and Dal Bhat are regular meals in Yala Peak climbing and Langtang Valley trekking. 

The bedrooms will be cold as they don't heat the beds at tea houses. Thus, we recommend warm sleeping bags and a decent down jacket on this trip. You'll get hot showers and flush toilets at most lodges in the Kyanjin Gompa area. We'll make your accommodation at the best tea house. 

While accommodating in tented style at Yala Peak base camp, you'll have to share a tent with other people in the group. The sleeping bags come in handy while sleeping at the base camp. 

In Kathmandu, you'll get three-star service at three-star hotels. 

Physical fitness in Yala Peak Climbing

Physical fitness is a must for Yala Peak climbing. The longer trekking days and summit push takes a toll on your body. Even if it is a nontechnical peak, endurance is the key to reaching the summit and returning safely. Thus, physical fitness is crucial. 

To prepare for your fitness level, you can go for hikes, train in cardio exercises, and participate in marathons for at least two months before this expedition. Also, some high-altitude trekking experiences will be supportive. 

Why World Expedition Nepal for Yala Peak Climbing?

World Expedition Nepal focuses on and promotes peak climbing and expeditions in Nepal. We have been providing tour services since 2017 by registered and licensed under Nepal Government. In the Langtang Valley region, we'll make sure that you'll have complete joy alongside the adventure of high-altitude climbing. 

Our professional and experienced guides will ensure your utmost comfort and safety on Yala Peak climbing. We'll make this tour an unforgettable experience for you. Also, the health and safety of our clients is our primary motto. Our guides for these expeditions have mountain skills certification. They come with expertise in mountain medicine, first aid, and rescue operations.

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