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Upper Mustang Jeep Tour
Upper Mustang Jeep Tour
Upper Mustang Jeep Tour
Upper Mustang Jeep Tour
Upper Mustang Jeep Tour

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour Overview

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour Trip Facts

Trip Price :
Location :
Annapurna Region
Difficulty :
Max. Altitude :
12 Days
Best Season
January to December
12 Days
Trip Type
Start from
Ends at
Min Group
Max Group
7 One jeep
Walking Hours
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Luggage Restriction
Mountain Views
Dhaulagiri Range
2450 US$2150
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Upper Mustang Jeep Tour - Trip Highlights

  • Drive-in 4WD jeep tour to Upper Mustang, the Kingdom of Lo Manthang, the heaven of scenic landscape, far North of Annapurna. 
  • Bumpy, dusty, yet appealing Jeep ride to striking villages of Upper Mustang, Jomsom, Muktinath, and Kagbeni.
  • Sightseeing around the ancient city of Lo and caves on towering peaks, built between the 13th and 17th centuries. 
  • Enticing glimpses of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Himlung, and other mountains of the mighty Annapurna range. 
  • 12 days of the eternal viewing pleasure of withering terrains and cinematic landscapes of Upper Mustang. 
  • Experience the captivating Tibetan-influenced lifestyle, culture, and practices of people in Lo.
  • Apple Orchards and Marpha, a local brewery at Jomsom as a souvenir. 
  • Beholding the elegance of the world's deepest Kali Gandaki gorge and its alluring cut up the bank at Jomsom, on either side. 
  • Luxurious Jeeps, well-managed logistics, best accommodation, and 12 days of complete joy on the Himalayas with World Expedition Nepal. 

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour- Trip Overview

Upper Mustang trek opened its door for non-Nepali trekkers in 1992. For centuries, this region in the far North of Western Nepal remained the forbidden Kingdom of Nepal. Trekkers hike on the strenuous trek, long hiking days, and growing fatigue to Lo Manthang. But, in recent times, the introduction of a luxurious trip to this heaven, the Upper Mustang Jeep Tour. With the convenience, affordable fares, comfort, and scenic road travel to the Himalayas, 12 days Upper Mustang jeep tour is travellers' first choice. 

Even though the Upper Mustang Jeep route is off-road, our hydraulic Jeeps will never let you feel tired. Amid dusty and bumpy roads, our cruiser will shine brighter and accelerate towards Upper Mustang. 

Driving through the majestic Kali Gandaki gorge with Annapurna and Dhaulagiri on the horizon, we'll reach Lo Manthang without sweat and tiredness. On top, the private Jeep tour lets you stop at any location and enjoy the panoramic landscape until your eyes tire. 

Monasteries, Gompas, Lo Palace, Caves, and the settlements of locals are the best sites for exploration in Lo Manthang. Chhosar is home to ancient caves, and one of them is Shija Jhong cave, which dates some 3,000 years back. But, seeing these timeless monuments is worth the Upper Mustang Jeep tour.

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour- Trip Highlights

The adventurous tour of the cinematic landscape of Upper Mustang begins as we start a drive to Pokhara from Kathmandu. We drive to Pokhara via the shore of Trishuli and the Marshyangdi river. We'll stay overnight at Pokhara and leave for Jomsom the next day. 

You'll have two options to reach Jomsom. One, you can opt for the Pokhara Jomsom flight. Another, you can take a drive to Tatopani, Jomsom, and Kagbeni. As we reach Jomsom, you'll be amazed by the striking glimpses of the whole landscape. 

We'll have our official permits and documents checked at Kagbeni before entering Upper Mustang territory. From Kagbeni, we'll drive to Ghami village at 3,520 metres by driving past Syangboche Pass at 4,200 metres. While crossing Syangboche, we'll see settlements like Chella, Samar, Ghami, and Ghiling. En route, you'll witness the greenery of Buckwheat farmlands, Yak caravans, local people at work, and Tibetan-styled settlements. 

We'll reach Lo Manthang, and without any delay, we'll explore this gem of Annapurna. We'll acclimatise and excurse in Lo Manthang another day before leaving for Chhosar. 

Leaving Chhosar, we'll drive back to Jomsom for 7 hours with an elegant landscape in sight. The never-ending Kali Gandaki, Annapurna range, Stupas, and Gompas accompany us till Jomsom. We'll have a wonderful excursion at Muktinath temple before flying back to Pokhara. 

Enjoy the beautiful Pokhara valley with your favourite recreational activity. You can go boating on Phewa Lake, paragliding from Sarangkot, Ultra Light flights to the mountains, and decent pubs on Lakeside in the evening. 

We'll fly to Kathmandu from Pokhara to officially end the successful Upper Mustang Jeep Tour. 

Why the Upper Mustang Jeep Tour?

Statistically, Lo Manthang, at 3,840, is the most liked Jeep tour in Nepal and the Annapurna region. 

Trekking and Jeep Tours to Upper Mustang are incomparable because people have their preferences. The 14 days Upper Mustang trek has its beauty, but the 12 days Upper Mustang Jeep tour offers an exquisite High altitude touring experience. 

There are countless reasons for making this trip the best-selling high-altitude tour in Nepal. 

Let's explore each of them in this article. 

Enriched Natural Aesthetes

First, the Upper Mustang Jeep tour is ideal due to its cinematic landscape. The withered and corroded rock cliffs are of varied colours, mostly reds, and oranges, and are eye-catching. On top, these landscapes are embraced by humungous Annapurna I, and Dhaulagiri, the 1oth and 7th world's highest peaks. Upon leaving Pokhara, you'll also catch glimpses of Machhapuchhre and Annapurna. 

Ancient Monuments from 15th century

The Upper Mustang Jeep tour for 12 days takes you to the heaven of centuries-old monuments. Jampa Gompa, 15th century built Thubchen Gompa, and Chodey Gompa takes you back to the time. Best of all, Lo Gager Ghar Gompa at Lo Manthang is a prominent Buddhist monastery. They are as intact as they were upon completion some eight centuries ago. 

The Kingdom of Lo is also the best location for exploration during acclimatisation stay at Lo Manthang. For decades, the remnants of hundreds-year-old Shija Jhong caves in Lo have lured historians and archeologists for research. The Buddhist Rimpoche travelling to Tibet used to meditate on different caves in Lo. Also, many burial caves in Upper Mustang were used to bury deceased people in Buddhism. 

Besides, the traditional Tibetan-influenced settlements en route give the unspoiled view of the Mustang. The jeep, passing by these monuments, often stopping at places to explore and chat with locals gives an unmatched touring experience. These make the Upper Mustang Jeep tour best for 12 long days. 

Best for travellers who can’t trek to Upper Mustang

Trekking the Upper Mustang for 14 days is not something everyone can achieve. Though the highest point of the Upper Mustang trek, Lo Manthang, sits at only 3,840 metres, some trekkers find it arduous to hike for days. Upper Mustang Jeep tour and safari become the best fit for such travellers.

Further, a Special Abled person, who needs other assistance to walk, can benefit from this jeep tour. The Upper Mustang in Jeep takes you to Lo Manthang, where you can enjoy the view that a physically fit person sees. Also, the scenic road trip to Upper Mustang gives the heavenly satisfaction of a high altitude tour.

People want to travel to Nepal with their family. As all family members can't trek to Upper Mustang, everyone can accommodate in a 4WD luxurious jeep. Thus, teens, adults, and elders can enjoy the scenic jeep ride to Lo Manthang. 

Apart from these, some travellers only want to visit the Upper Mustang in a Jeep. Hence, the jeep tour fits everyone's choice. 

Joyous Private Upper Mustang Jeep Safari

You can stop anywhere you want to on a private Upper Mustang jeep tour. Stopping at waterfalls, rock cliffs, Kali Gandaki gorge, and chilling with drinks while viewing the inspiring landscapes alleviates this tour. En route to Mustang, you'll encounter many waterfalls where you can stop and take a bath. Also, while ascending from Kagbeni, we'll cross several villages with ancient settlements. 

Culturally enriched Upper Mustang

The lifestyle of people in the Upper Mustang is Tibetan influenced. The people in Upper Mustang are Nepali, but they speak Tibetan fluently then Nepali language. It reflects how well the Tibetan culture is rooted in the lifestyle in the Upper Mustang region. 

Being on the Tibetan Plateau, Lo Manthang was once a kingdom of Tibetan rulers. It was an autonomous state for centuries before being annexed to Nepal in the 18th century. 

Buddhism flourished in this place as it became a spot for meditation. The Buddhist Guru Rimpoche used to meditate in the caves in Upper Mustang during their visit to Tibet. Thus, open burial, cave burial, Gompas, and Monasteries, are countless in this region. 

People in Upper Mustang follow the Lunar Calendar and celebrate Buddhist festivals in various lunar months. The prominent festival, Tiji Festival in the Lunar calendar falls in May and June. It lasts for three days. Thus, if you plan your Upper Mustang Jeep tour in these months, you may get the chance to witness this festival. 

Best time for Upper Mustang Jeep Tour

The Upper Mustang Jeep tour is best in March, April, and May. This tour is most favoured in Autumn months like September, October, and November. 

The weather condition becomes fine in these months. The stable temperature and crystal clear outlook give us the perfect window to glimpse the cinematic landscape of Upper Mustang.

This tour is also doable in monsoon season as Upper Mustang lies in the rain shadow region of Annapurna. However, the lower places like Beni and Myagdi receive plenty of rainfall. On top, there are many Pokhara Jomsom flight delays and cancellations during monsoon. 

Book Upper Mustang Jeep tour with World Expedition Nepal

World Expedition Nepal, established in 2017 and serving travellers from different parts, now brings the fantastic Upper Mustang Jeep tour for Autumn 2023. 

This tour is the most opted trip in Nepal, both by Nepalese and foreign nationals. The comfortable Jeeps, luxurious accommodations, and wholesome Mustang experience are the best of this trip. On top, with our expert-designed itinerary and one-day sightseeing at Lo Manthang, logistics makes our service top more than others in the business. 

World Expedition Nepal is now open to all inquiries and reservations for the Upper Mustang Jeep tour in Autumn 2023. Our fixed departures for the Upper Mustang Jeep safari tour in Autumn are already selling fast. Also, we organise this trip for limited clients. Thus, if you're looking for this trip at the best affordable rate, feel free to contact us. 

Get in touch with our tour manager Mr. Sujan Neupaney to learn more about our Annapurna region tours for Autumn 2023. Or you can send an email to  or call directly on WhatsApp at +9779851212358.

Upper Mustang Jeep tour is a special trek designed for people having limited time in Nepal and for those who want to travel the Kingdom of Lo without trekking. Upper Mustang Jeep tour takes you to a wonderful hidden kingdom which was not in touch to the rest of the Nepal for hundred years. The region has its own unique feature which makes it different that rest of Nepal.

Upper Mustang is also known as Kingdom of Lo, until 1950 it was a separate kingdom within the boundaries of Nepal. The people here still have their own officially recognized King who still has his house in the ancient capital of Kingdom of Lo called Lo Manthang. Tibetan cultures and traditions are highly preserved in this region which is one of the main reasons for this Kingdom called as Little Tibet.  Upper Mustang Jeep tour is an amazing way to explore the highly preserved cultures and traditions of the people of mountain region. The people here follow the Tibetan cultures and speak Tibetan language. The Upper Mustang Jeep Tour lets you to explore this amazingly wonderful Tibetan- plateau within short interval of time. You will have plenty of time to experience the highly preserved and untouched socio- cultural practices, rich architecture and life styles.

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour Itinerary

Expand All Close All

On the first day you arrive at the Tribhuvan International Airport, you will see and meet a representative from your travel agency.

After receiving a warm welcome, you will go to the hotel with your travel agency's representative. You will take a rest after settling correctly in your hotel room. You will talk with your guide for the tour and get more information on Upper Mustang Jeep tour.


The second day is for exploring the Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu has its own historical and religious importance. It is popular as the city of temples.

You can take your time and visit the selected locations inside the valley with the tour guide and private vehicle. You can visit famous sites like Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, etc.

You can also visit the durbar square museums and stroll inside the palace premises. 

After a day trip, you will return to your hotel and get ready for the tour if you haven't already.

You can take a rest after having dinner.


Kathmandu and Pokhara are around 200 KM away from each other. A drive will take approximately 6 hours to reach Pokhara. So, you will only head towards the Pokhara after you have had something to eat in the morning.

Your travel agency will prepare you with a guide and transportation means (maybe). You will love the views on the way to Pokhara. 

You will get a glimpse of the natural beauty that Nepal is famous for.

Pokhara is very popular among both domestic and international tourists. You can observe the marvelous view of the Himalayas. You can spend quality time at the Lakeside or go boating in Phewa lake.

You can retire to your hotel for a day after your dinner.

Breakfast Lunch dinner

The fourth day is the day you start your Upper Mustang jeep tour. You will have your breakfast at Pokhara and head towards Tatopani first.

Alongside the deepest gorge of Nepal, you will arrive at Tatopani in a few hours. If you want, you can take a bath here. It is a natural water spring that cures skin diseases. 

After spending time in Tatopani, you will drive, taking the route to Kalapani village. You will reach Marpha after you pass through the Kalapani. Marpha is one of the popular villages in Nepal. It is beautiful and famous for apples. 

You will spend a night here and meet friendly locals who will give you the best hospitality.

Breakfast Lunch dinner

You can explore Marpha the next day and take a few pictures for your memory. 

You will drive to Jomsom in jeep, a trade center for the rural municipality of the Mustang area. After Jomsom, you will go to Kagbeni village. You can visit the sacred and famous temple named Muktinath. It is the pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhists.

You will take the route of Tangbe, following the beautiful forest area to get to Chele. Not only the beautiful forest, but you will also get to see Buddhist monasteries, apple farms, and barley and wheat farmlands.

After you pass the Chukkung village, you will finally reach Chele. This village is your final destination for a day. You will stay overnight here in a lodge after your dinner.

Breakfast Lunch dinner

You will start your day with the drive to the Chhusang. After passing through Chhusang, you will head towards Syangboche. You will observe the magnificent view of the mountains and other landscapes on the way.

Your route to the Ghami consists of Syangboche La, Chunggar, and Nyi La. You will pass through all these places while observing the splendid view of the unique landscapes. 

You can capture a few pictures for memories. One thing is sure it will capture your heart while you are capturing pictures to keep memories.

Once you reach Ghami, you will spend your night at a lodge.

Breakfast Lunch dinner

Finally, on your seventh day of the tour, you will make your way to the Lo Manthang. 

You will have your breakfast at Ghami. You will start your drive towards the Majestic Kingdom. First, you will cross the Ghami River and several Mani walls. You will then reach Tsarang. Passing through Tsarang, you will take the route to the Lo Manthang. 

To reach Lo Manthang, you must cross the Lho Pass with a spectacular view of the mountains. The mountains' remarkable scenery will make your heart skip a beat. 

After Lho Pass, you will finally reach the Upper Mustang Capital, also famous as the hidden king kingdom, Lo Manthang.

You will spend your night in this beautiful place for your seventh day.

Breakfast Lunch dinner

The temptation to visit this ancient Kingdom is very high for tourists. Lo Manthang is the famous forbidden Kingdom full of myths and facts.

The journey to this place is adventurous and thrilling, and exploring this Kingdom is a fantastic experience.

Exploring this restricted region means learning about the exciting cultures and ancient ruins.

Another tempting activity is that you can still meet some of the royalties of this land here. You can visit the ancient Palace and meet a few members of the royal families.

There are a lot of monasteries you can explore in this region. You can even visit the oldest monastery, Jampa Monastery, which was built in the 15th century. 

You will spend another night in this remarkable land. You can retire to your hotel room after your dinner. 

Breakfast Lunch dinner

After spending quality time in Lo Manthang, you will start your journey on the ninth day. 

You will return following the same route to Tsarang and Ghami. Once you reach Tetang, you will take a route to the Kagbeni village. After passing the Chusang, Syanboche and Chele, you will arrive the Kagbeni. After Kagbeni, you will go towards Muktinath, where you will stay for a night.

Breakfast Lunch dinner

On your tenth day, you will head towards Tatopani, passing the villages like Marpha and Lete. 

You will never know when you have completed a 7 hours jeep drive as you will be admiring the views on the way to Tatopani.

You will stay overnight in Tatopani.

Breakfast Lunch dinner

After resting in Tatopani, you will move towards Pokhara after breakfast.

It is just a 6 to 7 hours drive to Pokhara. You can get refreshed in Pokhara and head towards the Capital city.

After a 6 hours drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu, you can settle in your hotel in the capital city. 
If you aren't feeling very exhausted, you can take a stroll in the streets of Thamel.

You can even shop for some souvenirs and rest in your hotel room after a delicious dinner.


Your Upper Mustang jeep Tour officially ends on the twelfth day. You will get ready to return to your country.

You will go to the Tribhuvan International Airport with a representative of your travel agency. You will be boarded on your return flight with a warm farewell.


Service Includes on Cost

  • International & domestic airport transfers as per the itinerary.
  • 3 nights hotel accommodation in Kathmandu on twin sharing basis on BB plan.
  • 2 nights hotel accommodation in Pokhara on twin sharing basis on BB plan.
  • Kathmandu Sightseeing by professional english speaking tour guide. 
  • Kathmandu - Pokhara - Kathmandu ground transportation by private vehicle.
  • 4WD Jeep Pokhara to Lo-Mangthang to Jomsom by 4WD Land Cruiser/Mahindra Scorpio.
  • 3 meals a day during the trip (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) as mention in itinerary.
  • Accommodation while Mustang in twin sharing basis in guesthouses.
  • Annapurna conservation area permit and TIMS card.
  • Upper Mustang Restricated area permit fee. 
  • Professional government lisence holder English speaking trekking guide and supporting staffs.
  • Salary, Food, Drinks, Accommodation, Transportation and Insurance for the Guide and driver.
  • duffel bag during the trek. (Refundable after finish the trip)
  • Medical supplies (first aid kit will be available).
  • All government and local taxes.

Service Excludes on Cost

  • Lunch and dinner whilst in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  • Travel insurance which covers emergency Rescue and Evacuation.)
  • International airfare and airport departure tax 
  • Nepal entry visa; you can obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. (Tourist Visa with Multiple Entries for 30 days can be obtained by paying US $ 40 or equivalent foreign currency. Similarly, Tourist Visa with Multiple Entries for 90 days can be obtained by paying US $ 100. Please bring 2 copies of passport size photos).
  • Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.
  • Personal trekking Equipment. 
  • Tips for trekking staff and driver (Tipping is expected).
  • Any others expenses which are not mentioned on 'Price Includes' section

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour Altitude Profile

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour Route Map

Additional Information

Sometimes the trek ends before the scheduled itinerary due to several reasons regarding health or any other personal issues of the trekkers. If in case, early termination of the trek happens please note that we cannot offer refunds for unused days. It is because we have to pay the committed amount to our porters, guides and other team members. 

Our clients must have their insurance and the insurance must cover the expenses of accidents, health, emergency evacuation, lost of gears, etc. 

Upper Mustang jeep tour is suitable for all ages groups. As our previous experience we had experience of traveler as old 84 years. This tour is perfect fit for everyone. For those who are not able to walk in Himalaya or those old citizens can easily join this adventure jeep tour. 

You are planning to go a new destination so, booking with a local tour expert saves your money and time. We are a local tour agency who is operating Mustang Jeep tour for the beginning when the rode was stablished in Mustang. We are much more flexible and provide the best customizes itinerary. 

Regarding Jeeps we have our own 4X4 Toyota Land Curser or 4X4 Mahindra Scorpio for our Upper mustang tour. We ensure that our drivers are very experience for off road driving and responsible for your persons belongings. Until now they have 100% safety records.

We are approaching our standard itinerary in our page but we are always flexible to organize your trip based on your schedules and requirements. Please write your require plan to our tour specialist before book your trip who will help you to plan a prefect itinerary for you.


Embark on a remarkable adventure through the mystical landscapes of Upper Mustang in Nepal. This remote region, known as the "Kingdom of Lo," offers a unique blend of natural beauty, ancient Tibetan culture, and awe-inspiring vistas. To ensure a successful and memorable Upper Mustang jeep tour, understanding the entrance requirements and permits is crucial. In this article, World Expedition Nepal provides comprehensive information on the necessary permits and entrance procedures, ensuring you have a seamless journey into this enchanting land.

Why Upper Mustang is Worth Exploring:

Delve into the allure of Upper Mustang and discover why it captivates travelers from around the world. This section highlights the region's distinct features, such as its barren landscapes, ancient cave dwellings, vibrant monasteries, and rich Tibetan heritage.

Restricted Area and the Need for Permits:

Learn about Upper Mustang's restricted area status and the significance of obtaining permits. Understand the reasons behind the controlled access and the importance of preserving the unique cultural and environmental aspects of this hidden gem.

Special Permits for Upper Mustang:

Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP):


Uncover the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit, which grants access to Upper Mustang. Explore the conservation efforts in place to protect the region's flora, fauna, and fragile ecosystem.

Restricted Area Permit (RAP):

Discover the Restricted Area Permit, the primary authorization required for entry into Upper Mustang. Get detailed information on the application process, duration of the permit, and associated fees.

Obtaining Permits:

Applying through a Registered Trekking Agency:

Understand the benefits of engaging a registered trekking agency to assist with the permit application process. Discover how their expertise simplifies the paperwork, ensuring compliance and a hassle-free experience.

Required Documents:

Gain insights into the essential documents needed to secure the permits, such as a valid passport, passport-size photographs, and detailed itineraries. Learn about any additional requirements or supporting documents to enhance your application's chances of success.

Permit Fees and Duration:

Get a comprehensive breakdown of the permit fees for both the ACAP and RAP. Understand the duration of the permits and any potential extensions, allowing you to plan your Upper Mustang jeep tour accordingly.

Trekking Routes and Highlights:

Explore the various trekking routes available in Upper Mustang, ranging from shorter excursions to more extended adventures. Discover the must-visit attractions, including the walled city of Lo Manthang, the Chhoser Cave, Ghar Gompa, and the mesmerizing beauty of the Kali Gandaki Valley.


Embarking on a jeep tour through Upper Mustang promises an extraordinary experience filled with breathtaking scenery and cultural encounters. By following the entrance requirements and obtaining the necessary permits, you ensure compliance with local regulations and contribute to the preservation of this extraordinary region. World Expedition Nepal invites you to immerse yourself in the wonders of Upper Mustang, where every moment unveils the allure of an ancient kingdom hidden in the heart of the Himalayas.

Our clients must have their insurance and the insurance must cover the expenses of accidents, health, emergency evacuation, lost of gears, etc. 


Embarking on a thrilling jeep tour through the captivating landscapes of Upper Mustang in Nepal is an experience of a lifetime. However, it's essential to prioritize your safety and protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances. In this article, World Expedition Nepal sheds light on the importance of insurance for a successful Upper Mustang jeep tour. By understanding the significance of travel insurance and the specific coverage required, you can ensure a worry-free journey through this enchanting region.

The Importance of Travel Insurance:

Discover why travel insurance is an essential aspect of planning your Upper Mustang jeep tour. This section emphasizes the need for comprehensive coverage, including medical expenses, trip cancellation or interruption, emergency evacuation, and personal liability. Understand how travel insurance acts as a safety net, providing financial protection and peace of mind throughout your adventure.

Medical Coverage:

Explore the medical coverage aspect of travel insurance, which safeguards you against unforeseen illnesses or injuries during your Upper Mustang tour. Discuss the importance of adequate coverage for medical expenses, hospitalization, medication, and emergency medical evacuation to ensure you receive prompt and quality healthcare, even in remote areas.

Trip Cancellation or Interruption Coverage:

Understand the significance of trip cancellation or interruption coverage. This section highlights the potential risks that may disrupt your Upper Mustang tour, such as unforeseen events, natural disasters, or personal emergencies. Learn how travel insurance can reimburse non-refundable expenses, including flights, accommodation, and tour costs, providing financial protection and flexibility.

Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation:

Delve into the importance of emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage. Upper Mustang's remote location and rugged terrain may pose challenges in case of a medical emergency or evacuation necessity. Discover how travel insurance can cover the expenses associated with emergency air ambulance services and the safe transportation of injured or ill travelers back to their home country.

Personal Liability Coverage:

Explore the benefits of personal liability coverage, which protects you against any accidental damage or injury caused to third parties during your Upper Mustang tour. Understand the importance of having adequate coverage to handle legal expenses, medical bills, or property damage claims that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances.

Insurance Requirements and Recommendations:

Gain insights into the specific insurance requirements and recommendations for your Upper Mustang jeep tour. Discuss the minimum coverage limits, policy duration, and the need for worldwide coverage. World Expedition Nepal provides expert advice on selecting reputable insurance providers and customizing your policy to suit your specific travel needs.


Prioritizing travel insurance for your Upper Mustang jeep tour is essential to ensure a successful and worry-free adventure. By understanding the significance of comprehensive coverage, including medical expenses, trip cancellation, emergency evacuation, and personal liability, you can safeguard yourself against unforeseen circumstances. World Expedition Nepal encourages you to explore the mesmerizing beauty of Upper Mustang with peace of mind, knowing that you are protected by adequate travel insurance coverage throughout your journey.

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour Reviews

Maria Anna SCHAFER

Maria Anna SCHAFER


21st Jan, 2023

Upper Mustang Overland Tour.2023

I did Upper Mustang Overland Jeep Tour with World Expedition Nepal and I’m happy with their service. The customer care was great and all the staffs were very friendly and always ready to help. The vehicle was very comfortable and had the best driver and guide. I highly recommend this company to everyone.  Date 2023/01/17  Regards  Maria Anna SCHAFER Germany 

Schneider Taylor

Schneider Taylor


8th Jul, 2023

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour 12 Days

It was an amazing experience with world expedition Nepal to Upper Mustang Jeep tour . I did Upper Mustang Overland jeep tour and I’m very happy with the services. All the facilities were great and Mr sujan managed all the permits before our arrival. Uttam  took a good care during our stay in Nepal and the guide was very humble and talented. The accommodations and food was great and the people were very friendly. Highly Recommended.   

Schmidt smith

Schmidt smith


8th Feb, 2023

recommend this company to everyone.

Upper Mustang was one of the most amazing tours of my life and I’m very thankful to team for their kind hospitality and effort. I really loved their service and politeness to their customer. I recommend this company to everyone.

Olivia Dartagnan

Olivia Dartagnan


17th Oct, 2022

I recommend this company to everyone. 

Upper Mustang was one of the most amazing tours of my life and I’m very thankful to team for their kind hospitality and effort. I really loved their service and politeness to their customer. I recommend this company to everyone. 

Noah Gabriel

Noah Gabriel


24th Sep, 2022

family mustang jeep tour in Nepal with World Expedition Nepal

Upper Mustang is one of the most fascinating destinations I’ve been so far. I did Upper Mustang Overland Tour with world expedition nepal It was my great pleasure to travel with such wonderful people. Everything was perfectly managed and had no problems regarding the services, accommodations and food. The team members were very effective and hardworking. I personally recommend this company to everyone. 




2nd Aug, 2023

A Remarkable Adventure in the Mustang Region

I recently had the incredible opportunity to embark on a Mustang trekking adventure with world Expedition Nepal , and it surpassed all my expectations. This journey was an unforgettable experience that allowed me to explore the captivating landscapes and rich culture of the Mustang region. From the moment we set out on the trail, I was captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the Mustang terrain. The rugged mountains, deep gorges, and ancient rock formations created a surreal backdrop that ma... See more de every step feel like a discovery. The well-organized trekking route allowed us to witness the changing scenery as we ascended to higher altitudes, with each day revealing new vistas that left me in awe. The local culture in Mustang is equally fascinating. The trek provided ample opportunities to interact with the warm and friendly local communities. Visiting traditional villages, I was able to learn about their way of life, customs, and rich history. The Mustang people's hospitality and willingness to share their stories added an enriching layer to the trekking experience. Our guides Mr tasi sherpa have a knowledgeable and experienced, ensuring our safety and providing insights into the region's history and geography. They were adept at tailoring the pace of the trek to our group's abilities, ensuring that everyone could savor the journey at their own rhythm. The accommodations along the way were comfortable and provided a welcoming respite after a day of trekking. One of the highlights was reaching the iconic Lo Manthang, the walled city that felt like stepping back in time. The Mustang trek provided a rare glimpse into a world that is relatively untouched by modernity, allowing me to connect with a sense of adventure and discovery that is often hard to find. In conclusion, the Mustang trekking experience is an adventure of a lifetime. The natural beauty, cultural immersion, and the feeling of accomplishment after each day's trek make it an absolute must for any avid trekker or explorer. Whether you're seeking to challenge yourself physically or simply want to connect with nature and history, this trek offers it all. Highly recommended! World Expedition Nepal  See less...

Price Per Person
US$ 2450 US$ 2150
Day 12
  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • No booking fees
  • Free Cancellation

Max Response Time 3 Hours

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